Earth at Risk- Natural Capital and the Quest for Sustainability

laurence.jpgLaurence Tubiana, founder and  MIRO Board Member and Claude Henry, professor of sustainable development at Science-Po Paris and at Columbia University  published a critical book on climate change mitigation and how to deal with. The book was published by Columbia University Press and has resonated within the field. As John F. Kerry, former US Secretary of State stated it is an in-depth, detailed account of the challenge our world faces, coupled with provocative suggestions of a path forward. Chapter after chapter provides essential context of the threats, grist for the debate over how to confront them, and required reading for policy-makers wrestling with reality.

Earth at Risk maps out the necessary transition to sustainability, detailing the innovations in technology, along with law, science, institutional design, and economics, that can and must be put to use to avert environmental catastrophe. Claude Henry and Laurence Tubiana begin with a measure of the costs of ecological damage-the erosion of biodiversity; air, water, and soil pollution; and the wide-reaching effects of climate change-and then consider the solutions that are either now available or close on the horizon that may lead to a more sustainable global trajectory. What market-based tools can be used to promote clean growth? How can renewable energy help us decrease our use of fossil fuels? Is international agreement on climate goals possible? Henry and Tubiana tackle a range of urgent questions, emphasizing possibilities for-and obstacles to-implementation and action. Building on the experience of the most significant climate negotiation of the decade, they show what a world organized along the principles of sustainability could look like.

Laurence Tubiana is the founder and director of the Institute of Sustainable Development and International Relations and professor and director of the Sustainable Development Center at Sciences Po Paris. She was the special representative of the French minister of foreign affairs for the 2015 Paris Climate Conference (COP-21) and French ambassador for climate negotiations

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